Song of the Summer and 49 other tracks


Mid-July might be a little late in the game to provide you a playlist for your summer. There’s still enough beach weeks left to make use of these fifty songs spanning decades and genres.

Before I get to that…

It’s an ever-important song to ordain a song of the summer. It’s competitive this year because there hasn’t exactly been a “Call Me Maybe” or “Despacito” this go around. In the playlist below you’ll find the tracks from Drake, Zedd, Calvin Harris and Ella Mai that are contenders, but I knew my pick back in April.

It’s Cardi’s world and we just live in it. “I Like It” isn’t just the song of the summer. It could crack the top ten best songs of the year. A stand out from the eclectic Invasion of PrivacyCardi B embraces her latin roots with the help of Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny and Colombian superstar J Balvin. The single is high energy supported by a sample of Pete Rodriguez’ boogaloo classic “I Like It Like That.”

The beauty of “I Like It” is that it continues a trend seen with “Despacito.” Pop music is becoming increasingly global. Cardi dominated the second half of that summer with “Bodak Yellow.” Now, she’s back this time with essentially a combination of “Bodak” and “Despacito.”

While current U.S. foreign policy under the Trump administration rejects globalization, two summers in a row, the U.S. charts embrace it.


Besides “I Like It,” here are 49 other tracks spanning from classic rock, indie, house, pop, funk and rap to play at your cook-out, pool party or beach day. (See a Spotify playlist here.)


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