E-40’s “Bet You Didn’t Know That” is ridiculous and informative

E-40 is the most prolific rapper. Period. He does not only put out 30-track albums. He releases out multiple projects a year.

20-plus track albums are becoming the norm. When that happens, it is very easy to drift off in the middle. However, there are those moments where a track catches your full attention.

In the middle of 40 Water’s latest and 29th (29th!) album, Practice Makes Paper, there is one of those songs. Now, I wouldn’t say “Bet You Didn’t Know,” track 22 of 26, is great, nor would I say it’s terrible. But it is amazing and I just had to say something about it.

The beat by Issue is great has one of those obscure pop samples. My expectation was that E-40 was going to continue to just flex his resume of his 33-year career and his talents as a hustler, but how wrong I was.

For almost four minutes, E-40 just lists out interesting facts you might not have known. I thought he was just introing his own song, but the verses just never came. He literally spat facts. That’s it. I thought the Lonely Island was going to show up, but this was a not parody song.

Here are the top three facts you can learn from E-40’s “Bet You Didn’t Know”:

  • Oatmeal can scrape the plaque off of your arteries
  • You could put your kid on your credit card to help your kids build they credit
  • A dolphin can beat a shark

I didn’t want to just share this song with everyone because it’s amazing that it exists. I wanted to make sure you learned something today.

E-40 is a national treasure and I hope he makes at least 29 more albums.




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