This is my amateur music blog. I like writing and talking about music, so I decided to create a space in my life to do just that.

I named this site Skraphouse. DJ Skrappy Du was a name I was given once at a summer camp I used to work at while soundtracking a dodgeball game. I liked the ring of it. 

I used to write a weekly column for my college newspaper, The Catalyst. It was called “Nick’s Picks.” I think people liked it.

As much as music writer would be a great full time job, it’s not mine. I’m trying to fit this in with my work schedule. I’m hoping to post around three times a week, but bear with me here. I’ll be writing album and concert reviews; promoting songs and simply voicing my idea about music in general.

I hope you enjoy. Feel free to agree, disagree or remark to me about my opinions. I welcome the discussion.

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